Calpe Cuisine

Calpe is a feast of food. Restaurants abound. All types of cuisines and all types of prices. Much revolves around deals: blackboard specials, happy hours, straightforward fodder. However, there’s some great deals, unexpected quality and posh nosh.
As it is food, my happiest hobby to make and eat, I am going to try a change of narrative voice…try the direct tone…

Breakfast by the beach
Aside from our efforts in the Suite, there were two favourites: Bar Arenal and Bar Chirungita both selected because their sea views were grand, Spanish and they were popular.

Bar Arenal: good service and a menu that mixed Spanish breakfasts with a type of fry up. The most unique item was a ham and cheese toasted sandwich with a perfect circle cut out and filled with an egg like an alien space craft landed in a sandwich. Good café con leche on the ample outdoor seating.

El Chiringuito Bar: we first went here for cocktails, 4€ specials, served complete with a paper parrot. That’s when we saw the breakfast deals and decided to try. This menu was more extensive and the scrambled eggs bloody lovely. I do think I need to try making them with olive oil. The place is built like a very large beach shack which gave us that holiday feeling, just as well as we were on holiday.

Evening cocktails, not brekkie!

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Annette Juniper Grimble

Follow us as we blunder through our lives. When should we put up the Christmas tree? Should we move to Spain or just go on holiday? Will we ever clear out the cupboard of doom? Is it a prosecco night or a red? Have I really got anxiety or do I just need to toughen up a bit? Here I am, getting closer to a very significant birthday. Not one with a zero in it but one which will allow me to feasibly remove the shackles of sensible employment with some cash in my back pocket and a song in my heart. As that point draws nearer, G and I face our mid life with apprehension and joy.

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