When drones go wrong…

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The Gatwick effect

In December 2018, at the height of the Christmas travel rush, Gatwick was brought to a standstill by a drone…or was it two? No one fully knew what was happening as the airport closed for 30 hours. No one knows still as, despite some initial lines of enquiry, the operator/s behind the Gatwick ‘attack’ remain a mystery.

The incident made world headlines and motivated many governments to form legislation and controls over what had been seen, up to that point, as a hobby for geeks and nerds. It changed the world of drones forever. Drones and their use were brought to the public forefront and the debate began as to whether drones were the future of aerial filming or an intrusive nuisance.

But Gatwick was not the first, or the last, time that drones have gone rogue. Here are 5 of my favourites from recent years…

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